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Experiencing Italian Culture

In this page, founder Professor Eugenia Paulicelli and Made In Italy Lab team are very proud to show you how Italian culture and Made in Italy is being engagingly explored. 

Italy is just the starting point to embark on a collaborative enterprise of tremendous transnational and worldwide appeal. A purpose shared by Professor Paulicelli's eminent project Fabric of Cultures that is on the same wavelength.

No study of Made in Italy can confine itself to one city and one period. Rather, it must take into consideration the long and complex history of the nation as a whole, its identity and how the different identities and strong features of Italian cities have contributed and still contribute to the success of Italy as a composite and multilayered nation.


 Here is a very detailed article that shows the ongoing activities of these initiatives.

At Made in Italy Lab, we believe in teamwork as the basis for success. Since we think ideas turn into reality through cooperation, we welcome you to join and take part in this fascinating journey.

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